About Us

Providing bicycle transportation to those most in need: the homeless, prison re-entry residents, and refugees.

No money, friends, transportation, support system, or driver license make it extremely hard to succeed, find, and hold a job, or do the everyday tasks that many take for granted.

Shopping, visiting, getting to a bus stop, doing laundry, and other daily activities become extremely difficult to manage.  Bike to the Future seeks to provide simple transportation to access these important areas of life.

Bike to the Future is an inter-denominational volunteer partnership designed to provide free bicycle transportation to adults in need in the community.   

This is the only large scale effort in Columbia offering bikes to improve transportation for those in need.

How to get a bike

  1. Call Love INC at 573-256-7662
  2. Participate in Love INC’s needs verification process
  3. Collect your free bike voucher from Love INC
  4. Pick-up your bike from The Love Seat